SAORI is a Japanese form of free-style hand weaving with no rules and restrictions. This encourages experimentation, creativity and self-expression. It was founded by Misao Jo in the 1960s and has since spread all over the World. Misao Jo’s son, Kenzo Jo, has developed a suite of amazing floorlooms and equipment, which are designed to make weaving accessible to all, with age, experience, ability or disability no barrier.

There are currently 4 registered SAORI studios in the UK. Each studio is run by an instructor who has trained at the SAORI headquarters in Osaka, Japan and has been authorised to teach SAORI weaving and supply SAORI looms and equipment. SAORI registered instructors understand and fully embrace the SAORI philosophy.

Although each studio is completely independent and has it’s own character and areas of expertise, they have joined together to form SAORI uk and regularly come together for textile events.

We are united in spreading the Joy of SAORI weaving!