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Hello, this is Amanda – Textile Artist and Teacher. BEAUTIFULcloth is where I share my love of textiles. I have a background in Social Psychology, Primary Education, Interior Design, Textiles and more recently trained in Japan, to become a SAORI Weaving Instructor. I am passionate about empowering individuals of all ages to explore their creativity for personal enjoyment and self-expression, in a caring and sharing supportive environment. I have qualified teacher status and experience teaching all ages and levels from reception to undergraduates.

Amanda Edney BSc(hons) PGTC MAEd(Open) FDAD



SAORI Weaving

About Saori Weaving

SAORI is a form of weaving, originating in Japan, that emphasises creativity and self-expression over technique and encourages everyone to have a go without fear of making mistakes. What is wonderful about SAORI is that anyone can do it, regardless of age, experience or ability.

The beauty in SAORI woven cloth comes from the individual’s personality. Every piece is unique – a reflection of the mood that the creator is in at that moment in time. There is no forward planning involved, other than choosing the warp and yarns for the weft and then simply weaving without rules or restrictions.

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Saori weaving workshops and classes

We are all creative as children but at some point during our childhood, many of us start to question our creativity, comparing ourselves with others and becoming worried about ‘making mistakes’. We all have a natural curiosity and urge to ‘play’ but sometimes we concentrate too much on technique and ‘getting it right’ which prevents us from even ‘having a go’. 

BEAUTIFULcloth’s aim is to help people rediscover that inner 5 year old and once again take delight in playing with materials, colour and texture, without worrying about the end-result but just taking pleasure in the process and enjoying the moment.


Saori weaving demonstrations and sharing in the community

Although emphasising individual creativity, SAORI weaving brings people together, through sharing of ideas, celebration of achievements, encouragement and mutual support. It is wholly inclusive and is supported by a worldwide movement. We are passionate about sharing creativity in the community and are available for demonstrations, talks collaborative events.

BEAUTIFULcloth is part of SAORIUK, along with three other authorised SAORI studios.

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