Update on SAORI Denim Jacket

Denim jacket with handwoven details in front of light blue door

Last week I made a start on upcycling my trusty old denim jacket, to give it a new colourful look. I added a new collar by stitching on a remnant piece of SAORI woven cloth I had made previously. It needed more though. So, I continued by adding some more woven pieces to the front pockets. With loosely woven cloth, it is easy to make holes with your fingers and so I was able to poke the buttons through the cloth without having to remove the buttons.

Striped woven sleeve cuff on denim jacket

Next, I stitched a woven panel to the back of the jacket and cut off the denim cuffs (which will be repurposed in some other project). New cuffs were added with a double layer of densely woven cloth.

Purple, orange and yellow woven panel at the back of a denim jacket

This was a quick and easy update on a tatty old jacket and I am really happy with the result. I hope it inspires you with ideas of how to use those leftover pieces of weave! More projects to come soon…

Blog post by Amanda Edney