How did you come across SAORI?

Although I lived in Japan for three years and studied Japanese textiles, it was only when I came back to UK that I discovered SAORI. I had been on several weaving workshops and I fell in love with weaving but I didn’t have room for a standard floor loom, nor the patience to constantly be setting it up. I researched alternative looms, and SAORI came up. Immediately something clicked and I was eager to learn more, so I went ahead and ordered a SAORI loom from Japan! It took two months to arrive, so in the meantime I practiced SAORI techniques on my rigid heddle loom, until finally it was here. Once I got weaving on the SAORI loom, I didn’t look back… Within a month I decided to apply to be a SAORI Instructor and booked myself on an intensive instructor’s course in Japan! [Read about Amanda’s trip to SAORI headquarters here] I am now very happy to say that we have been approved by Saori no Mori in Japan as an authorised SAORI studio and seller of SAORI looms and equipment. One of just four SAORI studios in UK.

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